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Our Mission

We help clients identify and solve Tax and Accounting problems.

We understand the importance of accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses. We believe our team of experts can provide world-class advice and solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our data-driven approach allows us to personalize solutions to fit each client’s particular demands.

Our Core Values.

These four principles remain relevant today and guide everything from communicating with team members throughout every project or campaign to what kindles you into action when faced with difficult situations like these!

Customer First

Focus on customers’ needs


Protect customer data


Maintaining and improving


Fairness and respect

Our People.

This is our team, full of hard-working, happy people who want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Our leadership team

We are a team of experienced professionals leading the charge.

Phuong Dang

CPA, Partner

Kevin Zhang

CPA, MST, Partner

Thinh Nguyen

Tax Attorney, Of Counsel

Huy Nguyen


Jack Nguyen


Our Staff

A team of talented and experienced staff members to help with all of your needs!

Alice Dao

Tax Accountant Manager

Beatrix Vu

Senior Tax Accountant

Winnie Tran

Senior Tax Accountant

Michael Nguyen

Senior Tax Accountant

Amy Nguyen

Senior Tax Accountant

Celine Huynh

Senior Tax Accountant

Frank Pham

Accountant Staff

Jemma Dinh

Accountant Staff

Celine Vo

Accountant Staff

Rose Nguyen

Accountant Staff

Johnny Trinh

Accountant Staff

Leon Le

Accountant Staff

Dustin Nguyen

Sale Representative

Duy Nguyen

Accountant Staff

Ngoc Tran

Accountant Staff

Lucia Nguyen

Accountant Staff

Cindy Phan

Accountant Staff

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