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services that fit your needs 🚀

services that fit your needs 🚀

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Unsure about the best business entity for you? Our team of excellent...

Federal Tax ID Application

Secure your EIN effortlessly.

Error-Free Process​

Benefit From Automated Error Checking And Consistent Follow-Ups.

Registered Agent Services

Essential for your LLC’s smooth operation.

Digital Business Banking

Open a digital business bank account without the hassle.

LLC Name Validation

Ensure your business name stands out and is legally compliant.

State Filings

We handle your Articles of Organization filings seamlessly.

Official Documents

We’ll prepare your Standard Operating Agreement or ByLaws.

Licenses & Permits

We’ll assist in obtaining all necessary business licenses and permits.

Foreign Shareholder Support

We’ll apply and follow up on ITIN for foreign shareholders

Our Full-Service Package comes with FREE Tax Planning for your business!

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Start Guide

Written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with a clear step-by-step guide on how to launch your startup. This guide will give you all the advice and tips you need to start a successful business from day one!

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There are significant similarities as well as differences between business formation types. Find out more below.

Business Types

How It's Unique

Taxation & Protection



The most basic and adaptable way to form your business is to protect personal assets.

How It's Unique

There is no need for a board of directors.

There can be an unlimited number of owners.​

(Also known as members).​

Taxation & Protection

You are not personally liable for any business liabilities.

You can pick whether you want to be taxed once or twice.


Compliance requires ongoing filings and expenses.

LLCs are unable to go public.

Not recognized globally; you may be taxed as a company outside of the United States.​


A more complicated structure that allows you to issue shares, become public, or go global.

How It's Unique

Allows for an unlimited number of owners.

Shares may be issued to founders, employees, and investors.

Owners may be eligible for preferred stock.

Internationally recognized.

Favored by investors.

Taxation & Protection

Taxed twice: once at the company level and once at the shareholder level.​

You can pick whether you want to be taxed once or twice.


Compliance requires ongoing filings and expenses.

Less management flexibility; a board of directors is required.

More administration; stringent meeting and record-keeping regulations


This tax categorization helps to avoid double taxation and may save some LLC owners money on self-employment taxes. Our S-Corp service can assist you in forming an LLC and obtaining S-Corp status.

How It's Unique

Is a tax status for qualified limited liability companies and corporations, not a commercial entity type.​

There is a limit of 100 owners.

Taxation & Protection

The proprietors of some LLCs that file as S corporations can save money on self-employment taxes.​

Unlike C companies, profits are only taxed once at the individual owner level, rather than twice at the company level.


Compliance requires ongoing filings and expenses.​​

Increased IRS scrutiny.​

More administration; stringent meeting and record-keeping regulations​

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