Massachusetts Property Tax: A Complete Guide

Massachusetts Property Tax: A Complete Guide


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Massachusetts is a somewhat expensive state in terms of property tax rates for its people. The Massachusetts property tax payment being $5,361. In Massachusetts, cities and towns choose their own tax rates, but total rates generally vary from one percent to two percent (10 to 20 mills), with a few outliers as 0.33%. The state’s median effective tax rate, which includes all areas, is 1.12%. This is higher than the national average of 0.99%.

How the Massachusetts Property Tax Works

Massachusetts towns and cities are in charge of managing and collecting property taxes. Tax bills are mailed four times a year (in January, April, July, and October) and must be paid within 30 days of receipt.

Property taxes in Massachusetts are calculated using the assessed worth of the property and the local tax rate. Each year, all residential real estate is assessed. The assessment’s purpose is to calculate the property’s market value as of January 1st, which is the Massachusetts assessment date.

What are the Massachusetts Property Tax Rates?

To calculate market value, local assessors can choose one of numerous ways. The most popular is the market method. This method calculates market worth by analyzing market data, such as the sales prices of adjacent comparable properties.

Homeowners that feel their property’s assessed value is excessive might submit an abatement application. If the application is approved, some of the property taxes paid will be returned. If the application gets rejected, the homeowner can appeal, however this is a longer procedure.

Find out more: Publication 530 (2023), Tax Information for Homeowners | Internal Revenue Service

What are the Massachusetts Property Tax Rates?

Massachusetts cities and municipalities select their own tax rates. They are stated in dollars per $1,000 of assessed value (also known as mill rates). For instance, if your assessed value being $200,000 and your tax rate equals 10%, your total annual tax will be $2,000.

The effective tax rate is the annual tax rate expressed as a percentage of house value. Effective tax rates are important for comparing different locations and states.

County Median Home Value Median Annual Property Tax Payment Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Barnstable County $414,000 $3,700 0.89%
Berkshire County $221,000 $3,586 1.62%
Bristol County $317,800 $4,433 1.39%
Dukes County $794,000 $4,177 0.53%
Essex County $436,600 $5,784 1.32%
Franklin County $239,900 $4,256 1.77%
Hampden County $216,100 $3,926 1.82%
Hampshire County $289,300 $4,847 1.68%
Middlesex County $540,300 $6,710 1.24%
Nantucket County $1,117,300 $3,691 0.33%
Norfolk County $491,000 $6,638 1.35%
Plymouth County $386,600 $5,943 1.54%
Suffolk County $547,300 $4,248 0.78%
Worcester County $295,300 $4,783 1.62%

Source: SmartAsset

Middlesex County

Middlesex County pays the most in annual property taxes in Massachusetts. Middlesex County’s median property tax is $6,710. In addition to Norfolk County, it makes up one of four counties in the territory with an average payment greater than $5,000. Middlesex County’s average effective tax rate is 1.24%.

Worcester County

Worcester County has the state’s second-largest population. Property taxes in Worcester County vary widely amongst cities, but the county’s average effective tax rate is 1.62%.

Worcester, the county’s main city, has a significantly higher total rate. For 2022, Worcester’s total rate is $16.28 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Essex County

Essex County, Massachusetts’ northernmost county, features relatively high home prices but near-average property tax rates. The county median home value is $436,600, with an average effective property tax rate of 1.32%.

Suffolk County

Boston, Massachusetts, is located in Suffolk County. The county’s property tax rate is 0.78%, while the median home value is about $550,000.

Norfolk County

Norfolk County’s typical house value is $491,000, which is more than $209,000 higher than the national average. Therefore, although property tax rates in the county in question are not particularly high on a statewide scale, property tax bills are frequently substantial. Norfolk County’s average annual property tax payment is $6,638. That is also more than twice the national average.

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