Huy Nguyen

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Huy Nguyen is a multi-disciplinary professional with a rich background spanning:

  • Wholesale distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics
  • Legal services
His diverse experience allows him to offer tailored business solutions to a wide range of clients, both domestically and internationally.


Oregon State University

Company Info

The Regional Director At TP Plastic USA And A Key Partner At XOA TAX LLP​


  • Huy Nguyen, a Partner at XOA TAX LLP, is a highly regarded business advisor and international trade expert with a $40 million annual revenue. His extensive career includes wholesale distribution, manufacturing, eCommerce, logistics, and legal services. He delivers customized business solutions to domestic and international clients.
  • Under his leadership, many companies have entered new markets, setting strong growth and diversification standards. His dedication to transparency, personal connection, and open communication has built long-lasting relationships with coworkers, partners, and consumers.
  • Huy is also passionate about AI and blockchain while actively seeking growth opportunities in the digital era. Beyond business, he nurtures an intention to start a non-profit that empowers young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Articles by Huy Nguyen

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