What are the Florida Property Tax Rates?

How Do Florida Property Taxes Work in 2024?


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Florida property taxes are slightly lower than the national average. The state’s average effective property tax rate is 0.80%, which is less than the national average of 0.99%. The average Florida homeowner pays $2,338 in property taxes each year, though this number varies widely by county.

In Florida, certain regulations limit the taxes levied on owner-occupied properties. For instance, the Save Our Homes assessment limitation limits annual increases in property tax assessments to 3%.

How Do Florida Property Taxes Work in 2024?

The initial step in the Florida property tax procedure is property appraisal, which is the process of assigning a value to a piece of real land. Each county in Florida has a property appraiser, who is an elected official in charge of the annual appraisal of all lots in the county. In general, this person does this by doing a mass appraisal, which is a systematic analysis of market data to assign values to several properties at the same time.

Property tax rates are calculated based on the assessed value of a residence, not its appraised value. The assessed value includes exemptions, such as the Save Our Homes assessment limitation.

The most commonly claimed exemption is the homestead exemption, that can be claimed on owner-occupied properties to preserve the value of the home from property taxes, creditors, and disputes resulting from the death of a homeowner spouse. It exempts the first $25,000 of the home’s assessed value from all property taxes and an additional $25,000 from non-school property taxes. This can be confusing, so here’s an example.

What are the Florida Property Tax Rates?

Assume you own a home of $80,000 in assessed value. The first $25,000 would be eligible to be exempt from any property taxes. The next $25,000 (the assessed value from $25,000 to $50,000) is taxable. The following $25,000 (the assessed value from $50,000 to $75,000) is exempt from all taxes, with the exception of school district taxes. The remaining $5,000 in assessed value being taxable, however.

As a result, the homestead exemption lowers the assessed value by $25,000 for school taxes & $50,000 for every other form of property taxes.

Homeowners who claim the homestead exemption are additionally benefiting from the Save Our Homes assessment limitation, which limits increases in assessed value to 3% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. So, even if you live in a hot real estate market, your taxes are unlikely to spike.

Homeowners should evaluate their yearly Truth in Millage (TRIM) notification, which shows their home’s appraised and assessed worth. If the assessed value is too high (more than you could earn for selling your home), you can submit an appeal with the county adjustment board. You only have 25 days to file an appeal, so act immediately.

Find out more: Publication 530 (2023), Tax Information for Homeowners | Internal Revenue Service

What are the Florida Property Tax Rates?

Florida property taxes are calculated using millage rates. A millage rate is one-tenth of a percent, or $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in home value. These taxes may be levied by a variety of entities, including counties, municipalities, school boards, and special districts.

The table below illustrates the median property tax payment & the average effective tax rate for each county in Florida. The effective tax rate represents the median annual tax payment as as a percentage of the median house value. It can help compare tax loads between counties along with states because it takes into account actual payments as well as variances in assessments and exclusions.

County Median Annual Property Tax Payment Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Alameda County $7,287 0.88%
Alpine County $3,074 0.83%
Amador County $2,306 0.70%
Butte County $2,496 0.82%
Calaveras County $2,635 0.78%
Colusa County $1,899 0.69%
Contra Costa County $6,254 0.95%
Del Norte County $1,499 0.66%
El Dorado County $4,184 0.87%
Fresno County $2,519 0.93%
Glenn County $1,800 0.74%
Humboldt County $2,552 0.77%
Imperial County $1,996 0.97%
Inyo County $1,978 0.77%
Kern County $2,784 1.23%
Kings County $1,968 0.87%
Lake County $2,064 0.87%
Lassen County $1,551 0.75%
Los Angeles County $5,073 0.82%
Madera County $2,479 0.92%
Marin County $10,000 0.95%
Mariposa County $1,977 0.68%
Mendocino County $3,076 0.79%
Merced County $2,216 0.82%
Modoc County $1,283 0.84%
Mono County $2,657 0.69%
Monterey County $4,460 0.80%
Napa County $5,414 0.81%
Nevada County $3,910 0.88%
Orange County $5,588 0.79%
Placer County $5,356 1.08%
Plumas County $1,854 0.72%
Riverside County $3,827 1.04%
Sacramento County $3,473 0.93%
San Benito County $5,664 0.96%
San Bernardino County $3,150 0.90%
San Diego County $5,197 0.87%
San Francisco County $8,545 0.74%
San Joaquin County $3,589 0.98%
San Luis Obispo County $4,830 0.80%
San Mateo County $8,532 0.73%
Santa Barbara County $4,562 0.75%
Santa Clara County $9,059 0.85%
Santa Cruz County $5,994 0.76%
Shasta County $2,226 0.85%
Sierra County $1,956 0.85%
Siskiyou County $1,563 0.73%
Solano County $4,064 0.93%
Sonoma County $4,983 0.78%
Stanislaus County $2,859 0.91%
Sutter County $2,789 0.91%
Tehama County $1,768 0.76%
Trinity County $1,656 0.58%
Tulare County $2,071 0.93%
Tuolumne County $2,270 0.72%
Ventura County $4,773 0.78%
Yolo County $4,263 0.93%
Yuba County $2,723 1.00%

Source: SmartAsset

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County is located at the southernmost on the mainland United States, and it is home to some of the most gorgeous beachfront property in the world. So, how are the area’s property taxes? The county’s effective property tax rate is 1.01%%. This is slightly higher than the 0.99% national average.

Broward County

Broward County, located north of Miami-Dade, includes the municipalities of Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood, among others. It also has one of the highest average effective property tax rates among every Florida county, at 1.20%. Broward County homeowners pay an average of $3,375 in property taxes each year.

Palm Beach County

While Palm Beach County has plenty of great real estate, it also has relatively high property taxes. Palm Beach County has a higher average effective property tax rate (1.11%) than most other Florida counties. The median real estate tax payment being $3,344, which is among the highest.

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County includes the city of Tampa which has a population of over 1.4 million people. This county has higher annual payments and effective property tax rates than Florida’s averages. In actuality, the median yearly property tax payment is $2,677, with an average effective rate of 1.15%, more than the state average.

Orange County

Orange County homeowners pay an average of $2,621 in property taxes per year. The millage rate in Orlando, Orange County’s largest city, is between 18.5 and more than 19.7 mills, depending on where you live.

Pinellas County

Pinellas County has significantly lower property taxes than both the state and national averages. Pinellas County homeowners pay a median annual property tax of $2,107. That is lower than the state average and significantly lower than the national average.

Tax rates in the area are also quite low. Pinellas County’s average effective tax rate is 0.96 percent.

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